Narcissism, Philosophy and Happiness

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Enterprise Tendency Test

Are you enterprising?

Fill in the blank next to each statement with a number from 1 to 5 as follows:

1 strongly disagree     2 disagree     3 neutral     4 agree     5 strongly agree
  1    I prefer challenging targets rather than easy ones.
  2    If I had to gamble, I'd rather bet on the horses than buy lottery tickets.
  3    I am not afraid to ask lots of questions.
  4    Being good at one thing can be restrictive.
  5    Success is due to hard work; luck hardly comes into it.
  6    I would give up a job I enjoy to take up one with better       opportunities.
  7    I don't need luck to get what I want.
  8    When I have a difficult task I focus on succeeding without giving much thought to the risk of failure.
  9    If an important task needs doing, I will stay late at work, miss       meals or get up early.
  10  I enjoy starting new projects that may be a little risky.

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The above quick test may give a preliminary indication of your level of enterprise. It correlates well with Dr Sally Caird's General Enterprise Tendency (GET)1, 2 test, which has considerable support in the literature for its validity and reliability.3

If you want to understand more about enterprise and leadership, read Narcissism: Behind the Mask.

1 Caird, S.P. (1988), Report on the Development and Validation of a Measure of General Enterprising Tendency, Durham University Business School, DUBS Occasional Paper 8913.
2 Caird, S.P. (1989), A Review of Methods of Measuring Enterprise Attributes, Durham University Business School, DUBS Occasional Paper 8914.
3 E.g. Cromie, S. and Callaghan I. (1997) Assessing Enterprise Attributes - The Usefulness of Caird's General Enterprising Tendency (GET) Test, Small Business and Enterprise Development, Vol. 4, pp. 65-71.