Behind the mask

Book: 'Finding Happiness'

Everyone is ultimately responsible for their own happiness

Brief Summary of Book
Finding Happiness identifies the most common error made in today's society that causes people to be unhappy. So many people unremittingly pursue pleasure, believing that somehow it will bring them happiness, but despite the hedonistic pursuit of all things that bring instant gratification, the deep and satisfying glow of real enduring happiness somehow seems to elude them. This book shows how small changes to an individual's behaviour can have massive positive effects that lead to true happiness.

Behind the mask
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Brief Description of Chapters

Preface: Pleasure, happiness and wisdom are all different, but they are also interconnected in our lives. We seek all three, particularly happiness, but sadly, many of us only know how to find pleasure.

Can happiness and wisdom be bought?: It is possible to buy pleasure, but happiness and wisdom are not things that can be easily identified and obtained.

Small changes can have big effects: It is the many small things in life that can have a major impact on the happiness of individuals. If we can identify the ones that have a positive effect, then we can practice doing them until they become routine in our daily lives.

How can philosophy make a person happy?: There have been many great philosophers over the last two-and-a-half thousand years. Many of them have pondered the question of how best to live one's life and how to find true happiness.

Why should we avoid unethical people?: Human behaviour can vary dramatically, from aesthetically hedonistic to highly moral and ethical. But the pleasures of the aesthetic are short-lived and unreliable, while the pleasures of the ethical are compassionate and long-lasting.

How do we know who to keep at arm's length?: The company people keep has a huge influence on their happiness, so how do we know who to turn to and who to turn away from?

How is happiness achieved?: The achievement of happiness may have more to do with luck than anything else. We can't choose our parents, but we can learn to make good decisions as we grow, leading us to wisdom and the ultimate goal of happiness.

The great philosophers on Happiness and Narcissism: What the great philosophers have to say in relation to what makes people happy, and how narcissism impacts on their ability to be happy.

The route to happiness: In the journey through life, it is not possible to know exactly where you are at any given time, but the enlightened are in control of where they are heading.

If you really want to know how small changes in behaviour can lead to true happiness in your life, download and read Finding Happiness in a Society Full of Narcissim.

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