Eveyone needs to take a break, and reduce the stress of daily life. In fact research has shown that laughter and humour can have a powerful positive effect on the mind and body. Select from the following to either make you laugh, be amazed, or just scratch your head.
JokesEverytime we here a good joke, we put it in this section. Tastes vary of course, but they are all clean.
Funny SignsApparently genuine photographs of signs, with suitable comments.
The Vanishing SquareA real head scratcher. See if you can find the answer.
The Ultimate Ethnic JokeJoke that laughs at different characteristics of a number of nationalities. Remember, it's only a joke!
Coincidences??Amazing coincidences relating to the deaths of US presidents.
The Darwin AwardsAn annual honour given to the person who did the gene pool the biggest service by killing themselves in the most extraordinarily stupid way. Eight nominees are included. Well worth reading.
OOPS!Transcript of a radio conversation between a US naval ship and Canadian authorities off the coast of Newfoundland in 1995
Men and WomenPicture of control panel for men, and a control panel for women. Interpret it which way you want.
Airline HumourAirline attendants sometimes make an effort to make the in-flight "safety lecture" and their other announcements a bit more entertaining. Here are some real examples that have been heard or reported.
More Airline HumourThe pilots of australian airline Quantas fill out forms called "gripe sheets" about problems with the aircraft. These are the pilots' gripes and the replies from the mechanics.
Wedding SurpriseA true story of a very short marriage.
MarriageA look at marriage from a man's point of view. If anyone will send me the equivalent jokes from a woman's point of view, I will gladly put them in this section too.
Happy LifeSecrets of a Happy Life. Sound advice on how to stay happy, with suitable pictures!
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