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This information must be read and understood by all Applied Inspection staff holding personal track safety (PTS), individual alone (IWA), controller of site safety (COSS) or protection controller (PC) competence.

If there is anything that you do not understand, contact James Bailey at Burton laboratory for clarification. Any suggestions you may have to improve safety will be welcomed - again, contact James.

You will need pen and paper to get the best out of this exercise. Follow the instructions; it's in your own interest to do so. Your life and the lives of others could depend on it.

Fatality at Desborough - 10th August 2001

You may already be aware that a colleague from Prima Rail Services, working under sub-contract to Serco, was struck and killed by a train in the early hours of Friday 10 August in the Desborough area.

At the present time it would be wrong of us to draw any conclusions as to why this tragic event occurred, as many of the facts that will be required by the investigation teams have not yet been established.

Although it will take time for the investigations to be completed this should not prevent us from acting immediately to ensure that all personnel, including sub-contractors, are always being provided with the safest possible working conditions. Part of this is to ensure you all clearly understand what is required to set up a safe system of work and that you are never expected to take any unnecessary risks just to "get the job done".

As stated it would not be right to draw any conclusions about what happened at Desborough. However, although we don't know everything about the site, we do know the following:

The following photographs show the layout of the site.

Worksite on a sweeping curve

Worksite with training passing through

Look at the photographs and spend a few minutes to think about what YOU feel the hazards are, and what would be required to ensure the safety of the staff carrying out the work.

Consider the following:

Write down brief notes as to what you think the relevant safety issues are and how they should be addressed.

When you have done this, and not before, click here.

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